I am currently an Art Director for a large trade publication company in Toronto, ON, Canada and have been in the graphic industry for over 20 years. My passion for photography grew once I moved from the large city for a greener countryside and started to appreciate all that nature had to offer.

My desire is to bring people closer to the beauty of nature which we see every day but quite often forget to really look at. Textures and colour are what inspire me and the opportunity to bring the viewer close enough to see the true beauty held within that isn’t always visible with a cursory look.

I chose the name Tomten Photography for my work due to my fascination with a mythical Swedish character called ‘Tomten.’ He is a little old man similar in appearance to a gnome. Around the turn of the 20th century it was believed that Tomtens would keep watch over the farmstead and free from animal predators and bad spirits, especially throughout the night. The only payment he required was a fresh bowl of porridge or milk. However, if the Tomten felt slighted or neglected in any way, the farmer would experience his wrath in the form of soured milk, bad crops or even dead livestock.

Since I now live on a hobby farm and much of my photography is taken here or similar country locations, I felt that the Tomten would represent what I am trying to bring to my images. A harmonious existence on the homestead ensured by the good of a happy Tomten. Quite often these mythical stories are forgotten in the hustle and bustle of our daily existence but I believe they can show us a different, more simplified perspective of things, as I try to do with my photography.


Andrea Smith





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