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about me

David 'Joe' Le Blanc

You Are L Design is a newly formed and innovative web design company that was founded by David J. Le Blanc or "Joe" as he prefers to be called. He started programming in 1977 with a large freight forwarding company writing programs for their accounting, import, export, customs and warehousing departments. He got into web design more than 30 years ago when several opportunities presented themselves and he took advantage of his creative talents coupled with his ingenious gift for programming and the result was the inception of You Are L Design. If you would like a new web site, or if you or your company needs your current web site updated, please contact us using the contact section below and tell us how we can help.


Here are some comments from people Joe has worked with.

Michael Flie of Feather of Confidence

His genuine love for web design is only matched by his great speed and artistic eye for every project that he has ever worked on.  He has redefined the term “turn around” by executing each project with such speed and attention to detail that he has raised the standards at Feather of Confidence.  The best quality of having someone with over 30 plus years experience in programming is that he makes it look easy and its fun for him as well. Quick, intuitive, sincere and honest, this former "Bluenoser" is making waves on the net with his smart designs and trusted coding.  He is online with the bottom line for each web site project.  Get him to design your web site today and have fun doing it.

Steve Le Blanc (www.steveleblanc.ca)

Solving problems with a creative flair has always been Joe's hallmark. Many times I've sent him a seemingly impossible task only to have it returned with a solution that exceeded my expectations.

Greg McEvoy (www.sketchartist.tv)

Just a note to acknowledge what a pleasure and success my business relationship with Joe LeBlanc has been  for the past number of years. In the course of our web site initiative, Joe and co. have designed and created  a powerful marketing tool for sketchartist.tv. I can only recommend Joe and his work very highly.

James Wardell

I've had the pleasure of knowing Joe LeBlanc socially for a couple of years.  Late last year I had the opportunity for Joe to help me develop a web site for my freelance illustration business. Having no knowledge of programming, I brought Joe my ideas and layouts and he was able to create my new site.  I knew what I wanted the site to do and how to function, and relied on Joe to be able to come up with solutions. I think, because I am a layman in terms of the internet, it was a challenge for him to answer some of the questions I had, but I was pleased with the way Joe met these challenges and was able to solve all of the problems. If something I wanted couldn't be done, Joe was able to explain to me why. And the many times I insisted on something being done a specific way, he was able to persevere and come up with a solution. Through Joe's expertise, we were able to develop a web site I think we can both be proud of.


Here are some of the latest sites I've created.

Glenn McEvoy Cartoon and Illustration Studio


Glenn is a Toronto based cartoonist and Illustrator. After fifteen years as an Art Director for the Business Information Group I've started my own studio with an interest in bridging the divide between traditional drawing, graphic design and digital media.

Steve Le Blanc - Comic Books Toronto


Steve LeBlanc is a Toronto based artist and writer. His past clients include Mackenzie Financial, Associated Wire Rope Fabricators and Cineflix. He has had the pleasure of working with three of Canada's pioneering independent writers.

Pat Stewart Galleries


Pat Stewart is a Nova Scotia based water colour artist. With camera in hand, she loves the opportunity to explore all of the beautiful areas around us and discover the splendor of the local natural landscapes and nature's many gifts. Painting has given her a new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Charles Weiss Art


Charles Weiss is a Toronto based artist and wood carver. I've always been interested in creating and expressing fish in some kind of painting or carving. The fish as a subject are a source of many images in my mind.

Tomten Photography


Andrea Smith photography. My desire is to bring people closer to the beauty of nature which we see every day but quite often forget to really look at. Textures and colour are what inspire me and the opportunity to bring the viewer close enough to see the true beauty held within that isnít always visible with a cursory look.


Here are some of the latest sites I am developing.

A Movie Listing

This list will contain all of the movies ever produced. This will be a huge list and I am still adding to it. Developed in HTML5, CSS3, JS and using a MySQL Database. I have removed the Add, Edit and Delete functions from what are seeing as I do not want anyone making any changes as this is a live list.

A Drawing App

This is a drawing app that I developed for an artist friend of mine. I am still adding functions. Please try it and come back to see any new development.


Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you..